18+ Sessions | On-Line | Real Feedback and Application in Today's K-12 Classroom

Personalized Professional Development Specifically Designed for the Passionate Educator

18+ Online Sessions

Spread across the school year

Personalized for You

Tailored to meet your needs

Collaborative Structure

From like-minded educators

Support System

Helping you along the way

What is Teachers Talk ED?

Teachers Talk ED facilitates high quality professional development through online collaboration for Educators across the United States.

Education Professionals will connect virtually with other Teachers to grow through personalized development and receive support, guidance, and resources in their specific areas of interest. We differ from all the other professional development companies because we commit to offering our participants continuous support throughout the school year. Unlike conferences, we are not a one and done. We built our company so that our facilitators work hand in hand with our participants making sure each individual participant gets the necessary support and guidance they need to make significant changes in their classrooms and with their students.

Follow Through

Why Teachers Talk ED (TTE)?

With TTE you will be able to set and achieve your personal goals, with support not only during the sessions but in between and after. Our facilitators and groups are people with your same interests and passions and you will have valuable discussions to get the necessary support and guidance you need to make significant changes in your classroom.

You will learn different strategies and hear different experiences not only from our facilitators but other participants, and will learn how to implement your new ideas into the classroom through high quality collaboration.


We know that teaching is easier when you have knowledge, support, and resources. That’s why our facilitators collaborate with teachers for the whole school year to help teachers master their skills and focus on expanding their resources, thus creating a community of success. Our facilitators are experienced professionals who are passionate about the subjects they teach, knowledgeable about their topics, and bring enthusiasm into their groups.

Follow Through

Unlike other professional developments or district imposed PD’s, our facilitators work continuously throughout the school year. We will have a platform where they will keep open communication in between the sessions to answer questions not fully answered in sessions or if new questions arise. Our facilitators will guide you along the way to achieving your goals so that you don’t feel alone or left to do the application by yourself. Facilitators will encourage and support you in making sure you are staying focused on your goals and will hold you accountable to make sure you get the most out of the group.


Teachers Talk ED is personalized such that you will get the answers to your questions at the moment. No need to be afraid if you didn’t get what you wanted for one of the sessions because our facilitators will work with you in between sessions if something does arise in order to make sure you are getting the personalization you need. Our sessions have a flexible structure, and our facilitators will assess your needs throughout the year and through each session to best fit your goals. It’s not just a sit down and take notes professional development, these are interactive, collaborative, goal oriented groups meant to help you achieve your highest potential.

Personalized Professional Development Specifically Designed for the Passionate Educator

18+ Sessions | On-Line | Real feedback and application in today's K-12 classroom