A Journey Towards Teacher Excellence

Walking through the double doors, looking across the enormous room filled with vendors, teachers, and  professionals. Your heart beats for the excitement and knowledge you are about to embark upon. You take your first step into the room as you are pulsing with nervousness and excitement for you came here to seek out knowledge to guide you, lead you, drive you to be an excellent teacher for the students you serve. The educational journey through conferences and professional developments are so empowering, piece by piece you build skills necessary to grow professionally. However, there are many pros and cons to these types of learning ventures. 

If you’re like me you love to go to conferences and do as many professional developments as possible because you love to seek out that passion you have to grow intrinsically and gain as much knowledge as you can to strive for excellence. Although, over time, I had many mixed emotions. These ventures were all great in my educational journey yet, I had feelings of being empowered but overwhelmed, knowledgeable but confused, set on a path yet walked alone. So why did I feel this way, why was I feeling this affliction of getting an immense amount of knowledge but the implementation process was driving me into a wall? 

Could it have been lack of support from the speakers, lack of support from my district, school, and/or peers? The answer is yes and no. Yes, at times I could feel we were going in different directions so there was no guidance. Yes, I wanted to do one thing but my district or peers wanted to do another so I felt no support. No, there were times where we were all going in the same direction, but since we all had the same knowledge we went nowhere. No, because some were set in their ways which didn’t allow us to grow fully as a team. 

This is why I yearned for something more, something that could overcome the afflictions and guide me along my journey to excellence, walk beside me, and give me the full support needed to achieve new heights in my teaching. From this sprouted the idea of Teachers Talk ED. I wanted to create something meant for those just as spirited as I am, those that have the same drive, determination, and passion to grow on their own paths to excellence.  So I urge you, if you feel any of those feelings I did, sign up for a group and watch that group become a family of support, guidance, and growth. We don’t want you to be alone in your journey, we want to be alongside you the entire way. If we don’t have what you are looking for, message us and we will do our best to get what you need.