Time for Change

Schools are closed, cities are closed, and the economy is taking a huge hit. The time is now to think about where we came from, where we are, and where we need to go. Ever since I first stepped foot into a classroom I have been all about change. I wanted to change the way students saw math, I wanted to change most everyone’s beliefs that math is evil, I wanted to change the education system. However without change how can we grow or move toward a bigger better future. As I write this piece I look forward to hearing others opinions and beliefs about the education system because I think it is a topic we should be focused on everyday. Our education system in my opinion is flawed, we focus on the 10% of students and not the 90%*. We have an education system that seems to push students to be scholars, carriers of knowledge for a tiny percent of careers that use what is actually taught. Our practical arts, career, and tech classes are optionals for students and not every school has them. 

Why isn’t the system switched? Why are we not making the Career, Tech, and Practical Arts what students need to graduate and have the other classes be optional? I feel flipping our system would help the world immensely. Nowadays, students are coming out of High School and College with no skills for the everyday job. We focus so hard on making them memorize formulas and write scholarly papers yet we don’t focus on finances, how to debate, typing, wood working, etc. Sure teachers try to throw in “applied” problems and work, but it is little to nothing of what is really applied. How can our economy improve if people can not do their day to day tasks because they don’t have the skills or knowledge necessary. Based on many different articles 50%-78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Do you think if we had a school system that focused on finances instead of pythagorean theorem that these numbers would be completely different? Don’t get me wrong, we need the 10% to keep at it and grow in their fields to also help the economy and future, but I truly think it is time for a change. A change to help the many, not the few. A change that would focus on the everyday. So I challenge you, if you are a district leader, principal, teacher, or anywhere around and in between, be the change.  

*(Percents are my perceived view not actual numbers from research)