Back To School Dealing with Covid-19

Summer is coming to an end but, Covid-19 is not. Teachers have been trying to enjoy their time off, but in the back of their minds stressing about what is going to happen. Worrying about students and their education is something we do on a daily basis even when we are on “vacation”. How are we to deal with what is to come? Most teachers are still in the unknown. The unknown if schools will open regularly, if they will be all online, if there will be some kind of mix between the two, and sadly some of us won’t know until a week or two before school starts. How will we deal with masks, the anxiety, all while trying to do what’s best for our students and our health? Sticking together. In educators’ most desperate time of need we need to stick together and work with one another. Some teachers at your school will be on top of things and have it all together. Others will be all over the place and feel lost and going crazy with all the stress. So take the time to connect, connect with your peers, your admin, those in your bubble at school and even those that are not.

Grow together and Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate. I know this word has many feelings, good, bad, and mixed. However, it comes down to the teacher community to work together and guide one another. We are all new to this interesting time in our lives and we won’t have all the answers. But we can and will do everything to the best of our ability and that means not doing it alone. People may say they understand what us teachers are going through, but we are the ones that really see the impact it has on us as well as our students. So what better way than to connect with those that are fighting the same fight. Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world”. So don’t wait for change, be the change. Teachers make the biggest impact on the world, therefore let’s work together in this time that we need it most. Our strength will unite us.