Using Primary Sources and Documents in the Classroom

Group Begins: August 27, 2020

Recommended Participants:

​Secondary Educators

Group Description:

There is a plethora of primary sources that are available to educators for use in their classrooms. The discussion topics will go over how to find these primary sources and the best, quickest, easiest options that are available to us. We then will move on to discuss the the best use of these documents in any classroom. We will look at using documents in various forms as “bell ringers”, to gaining content knowledge, and how to engage students with the sources to make the past come alive. And to conclude the discussion we will look at the best use of primary sources in assessing students knowledge. Looking at both the use to create students that are critical thinkers and are able to piece together the puzzle of these sources and understand what they tell us about the past.


Amanda Guszack